Better listener than reader? This app turns any text into an audiobook.

TL;DR: Create your own audiobooks with a one-year subscription to Speechify Audio Reader for $39.99, an 89% savings as of Aug 3. 

Whether it’s because of our your lifestyle or an inability to focus, more people are listening and fewer people are reading. In 2020, 73 million Americans listen to at least one podcast every month, with 48 million listening once a week. Heck, 19% of listeners even increase the speed when listening, so they can get more information in less time. Crazy, right?

But there’s no lack of text out there. We’ve just decided we’d rather listen instead. But what if you could turn any text you wanted into an audiobook? That way, you could retain more information and save tons of time while actually reading all the books, articles, reports, and other text you’ve been meaning to. That’s what the Speechify Audio Reader app sets out to do, and for a limited time, you can get a one-year subscription at a big discount. Read more…

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