This funky ab workout machine features a built-in phone mount

TL;DR: Strengthen your core with ABXCORE’s ab machine with virtual trainer and phone cradle for $146.99, a 26% savings as of July 1. 

Getting in shape, whatever that means to you, can feel like a tedious chore with no end in sight. You try your damnedest to fit a workout into your new WFH routine, but fail to see the results you hope for. What if — now, hear us out — you could sculpt your abs with just seven minutes of use a day? While it sounds like a pipe dream, this ABXCORE  Ab Machine with Virtual Trainer claims it can do just that.

Compact, lightweight, and specially designed to be used just about anywhere, the ABXCORE helps you burn belly fat and build muscle. It combines an adjustable ab trainer with a resistance toner to create a tool for building core strength and isolating various muscle groups. But the best part? The built-in phone mount. Read more…

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