Use this tool to get writing help and stop brain farts in their tracks

TL;DR: Improve your writing on the sentence level with a lifetime subscription to the Ludwig Sentence Search Engine, on sale for $119.

Years of Twitter grammar and ridiculous memes have made us all a little dumber TBH. And by that, we mean that our language skills have suffered. Fortunately, there are tools like Ludwig Sentence Search Engine to make sure our tweet lingo doesn’t cross over into our actual writing. 

This premium tool is a search engine dedicated to helping you write better English. When you’re not quite sure of your sentence structure, you can find and compare your writing with over 200 million relevant example sentences in order to save you time and enhance clarity. The source sentences come from scientific journals, established newspapers, and other official documents. Even if your prose is structurally sound, but just needs a little razzle-dazzle, the Ludwig treatment could be the answer. Read more…

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